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Green Smoke – One of the best e-cigs out there!

Ever since Green Smoke hit the market, they have been getting rave reviews from customers.  Through word of mouth, they quickly took their place as one of the leading e-cig companies.  It is no surprise that Green Smoke is so popular since they deliver high-quality all around.  With Green Smoke, you get:


  • The longest-lasting cartridges of any e-cig; more than 1.5 packs each!
  • Long lasting batteries which come in short and long lengths
  • 2-piece design for easier use
  • A 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide choice of nicotine amounts and flavor choices
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts for bulk orders

One of the main points about Green Smoke e-cig which makes it different than the competition is that it revolutionized its e-juice so you get more puffs per cartridge than any other e-cig.  You can expect upwards of 350 puffs (compare this to the 250 puffs that most other e-cigs give!).  It is a bit annoying that the short battery only lasts for about 300 puffs, which means that you will have to recharge before you change the cartridge.  With the long battery though, you get about 400 puffs.  That means you can recharge at the same time you change the cartridge.


Another area where Green Smoke prevails is its battery consistency. Here is what I mean by that: when you take a puff with a full battery charge, you will get the same amount of vapor as with a low battery charge.  This is something that most other e-cigs haven’t worked out yet – and is very annoying since you will find yourself dragging very hard on the e-cig as the battery runs down.  You won’t have this problem with Green Smoke, so you get an all-around great “smoking” experience.


Green Smoke currently only offers one style of e-cig: the classic style with the tan “filter” and white base.  If you are looking for a more chic or trendy style, then you should probably check out Blu Cig instead.  But for people who care more about experience than style, Green Smoke is definitely a winner.  The entire e-cig is a bit heavy, but this is to be expected with any e-cig and Green Smoke is lighter than most of the competitors at just 14-18 grams (depending on whether you use the long or short battery).


As for starter kits, Green Smoke offers a nice variety of options.  All of the options include a USB e-cig.  For those on a budget, we recommend the Express Kit which has either a long or short battery, 5 cartridges, a USB e-cig, a USB charger, and a wall adapter for just about $90.  For about $130, you can get much more with the Pro Kit: 1 long and 1 short battery, 10 cartridges, 1 USB e-cig, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, and a car adapter.

EverSmoke – It feels real!

EverSmoke is a revolutionary e-cigarette that has been getting rave reviews from the smokingers community. It packs enough munch to give even the most needy smokers the much needed nicotine boost. The benefits, no second hand smoke, great tastes, and the natural feel of a real cigarette in your hands. As it puts out no smoke you have the freedom to smoke wherever you want. Take it with you and enjoy where no smoking signs clutter the visibility.  Smoking electronic cigarettes is the new fashion trend seen among the rich and famous.  Why do they do it?  There are many reasons,  taste,  ability to smoke when you want, where you want with no restrictions and much, much more.  You ought to try it for yourself!


Thanks to its revolutionary design and engineering this is one e-cig that doesn’t cause bad breath or make your teeth turn yellow. It doesn’t contain harmful carbon monoxide or carcinogens and from an economical standpoint, costs way less than real cigarettes.


Even though it’s electric, people will think it’s real. Has a signature glowing tip which turns brighter as you take a drag, and also acts as a signal to show when your electronic cigarette needs to be recharged. It features a built in atomizer which helps ensure that you get a fresh feel each and everytime you use your electronic smoke.


Thanks to it being electric, there is a vast lineup of flavors available for you to choose from. They are built in so when you take a draw from your e-cigarette you will always get the flavor and the punch you seek. The entire EverSmoke electronic cigarette features refined characteristics like the silicone tip designed to maximize when you take a drag of your cigarette, delivering all for the authentic feeling you expect.


Eversmoke electronic cigarette kits come with a personal charging case, designed to make it easy to keep your smokes handy and recharging with you on the go.  The cool little holder that is used to recharge your smokes has an indicator to show at what level are the e-cigs at, so you can take a drag whenever you want to!   If you never tried an electronic cigarette before, you should seriously give EverSmoke a try as it has been one of the best e-cigs on the market engineered to give people switching from real cigarettes to the new, high tech way of smoking the satisfaction they seek.

They are hot, trendy, and look great. Best of all,  give you the freedom to light up where ever you want, whenever you want.  As its electric, you can also smoke around children as there are no harmful 2nd hand smoke outputs the real deal is known for and gets all the bad publicity.

V2Cigs – Save money by smoking an electronic cigarette!

The V2 e-cig company has done such a good job covering ALL of the bases that you can tell their product is made by real e-smokers.  When you choose V2 e-cig, you get:

  • Multiple choices of battery and LED color
  • Lots of flavors, including custom flavors!
  • Long lasting cartridges and batteries
  • One of the best prices in the industry
  • High quality technology
  • Best vapor production

Design and Style of the V2 E-Cigarette

As for the design of V2 e-cig, they have utilized the highest technology available today.  Instead of making a clunky 3-piece e-cig, the V2 is just 2 simple pieces which screw together: the cartridge and the battery.  Since the vaporizer is right in the cartridge, you won’t ever have to worry about losing the small part or buying a replacement.  This not only makes it easier to use V2, but also cheaper!

V2 gives customers a nice range of style options.  You can choose between batteries which are black, white, blue or steel colors. There are also 3 different lengths of batteries too – ranging from a bit longer than a standard cigarette to an inch longer than a 100 cigarette! The cartridges also come in 10 different colors depending on the flavor, such as red, yellow, blue, or green. You can really make a cool, chic looking e-cig with all these different color combinations!

Technology behind V2

V2 stands ahead of the class in just about all aspects of its technological design.  Most notably, it uses a 4.2 volt battery (compare to 3.2 volt with other e-cigs).  This battery delivers a very precise amount of heat to the e-juice with each drag.  As the battery starts to run low after about 200 drags, you will still get the same amount of vapor – not like those cheap e-cigs which are inconsistent once the battery begins to run down.

Note: there are 3 different V2 battery lengths.  The shorty will last for about 160 drags, the standard for about 200, and the long for about 300 drags.

The V2 cartridges aren’t the longest lasting in the industry but we don’t think anyone will complain about the 250 puffs per cartridge (about 1 pack of cigarettes).  Plus, there are plenty of different flavor choices.  You can even order your own customized flavor from V2!

One of the very unique aspects of V2 e-cigarettes is that they offer both manual and automatic batteries.  The automatic batteries are turned on by the pressure from you taking a drag and are easy to use.  The manual batteries have a tiny switch which gets pressed.  This pre-heats the e-juice before you take a drag, thus giving you more vapor.

Costs and Value

V2 e-cigs have 5 different starter kit options, all of which are priced very low for all that they offer.  In the long run, V2 is a great choice to help you save money since their cartridges are so cheap.  The only downside to V2 in terms of money is that they do charge for shipping.  You will want to place your orders in bulk to avoid the about $5-$10 they ask for shipping.

Electronic Cigarettes versus Tobacco Cigarettes

By now, most of us know a good deal about cigarettes and their dangers.  When it comes to electronic cigarettes though, there is limited information available. The federal government has placed strict regulations on how e-cigarettes can be marketed, which has left a void of information and a lot of people confused. Here is the overview of how electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes compare.

Firstly, electronic cigarettes are not cigarettes in the standard sense at all.  They do not contain any tobacco.  Rather, they have a cartridge which contains a small amount of liquid.  This liquid, called “e-juice”, usually contains nicotine but you can also purchase it without nicotine or with flavors or aromas. When you take a drag on the e-cigarette, the suction activates a battery-operated vaporizer.  The e-juice turns to vapor which you can inhale and exhale, creating a small mist resembling smoke.

The e-juice in electronic cigarettes is comprised of water and glycerin or propylene glycol, both of which are commonly used as food additives and regarded as safe by the FDA. When heated and turned into vapor, the e-juice will resemble smoke but it is not smoke.  It is not hot and will not burn your mouth or lung tissues. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, a carcinogenic chemical notorious for causing lung cancer and other health problems. There are at least another 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, including arsenic, formaldehyde, and benzene. At least 50 of the thousands of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes are known to cause cancer.

 Electronic cigarettes are not only healthier for you as the “smoker”, but also for the people around you.  They do not cause any secondhand smoke or release chemicals which could harm others. Since there isn’t even any smoke from an e-cigarette, just a puff of liquid vapor mist, they aren’t going to bother anyone either. E-cig smokers can puff away without causing their friends to choke up or get red eye.  Since there aren’t any ashes from an e-cigarette, they are also much cleaner.  You don’t even need an ashtray for electronic cigarettes.  The “smoker” can put down the cigarette wherever without worrying about burns.  This is great news for the thousands of people who die yearly because they fell asleep with a lit cigarette!

 When it comes to the environment, electronic cigarettes are the much better choice.  Tobacco cigarettes have chemical-laden filters which typically end up in the street – not the ashtrays where they belong.  Even if the filters do get conscientiously thrown away, they are still taking up space in the landfill.  Cigarette filters aren’t going anywhere soon either – it can take up to 10 years for a cigarette filter to decompose!  Most electronic cigarettes are completely reusable.  You just need to refill the cartridges with e-juice when they run empty.  The parts of an electronic cigarette generally last a very long time so you create almost no trash compared to the tobacco cigarettes.

There are laws which prohibit electronic cigarette makers as advertising themselves as smoking alternatives. But, when you look at the facts for yourself, it is easy to see that electronic cigarettes are the better choice for your health, the people around you, and the environment.  Since electronic cigarettes are also much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, they are also the better choice for your wallet!

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