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V2Cigs – Save money by smoking an electronic cigarette!

The V2 e-cig company has done such a good job covering ALL of the bases that you can tell their product is made by real e-smokers.  When you choose V2 e-cig, you get:

  • Multiple choices of battery and LED color
  • Lots of flavors, including custom flavors!
  • Long lasting cartridges and batteries
  • One of the best prices in the industry
  • High quality technology
  • Best vapor production

Design and Style of the V2 E-Cigarette

As for the design of V2 e-cig, they have utilized the highest technology available today.  Instead of making a clunky 3-piece e-cig, the V2 is just 2 simple pieces which screw together: the cartridge and the battery.  Since the vaporizer is right in the cartridge, you won’t ever have to worry about losing the small part or buying a replacement.  This not only makes it easier to use V2, but also cheaper!

V2 gives customers a nice range of style options.  You can choose between batteries which are black, white, blue or steel colors. There are also 3 different lengths of batteries too – ranging from a bit longer than a standard cigarette to an inch longer than a 100 cigarette! The cartridges also come in 10 different colors depending on the flavor, such as red, yellow, blue, or green. You can really make a cool, chic looking e-cig with all these different color combinations!

Technology behind V2

V2 stands ahead of the class in just about all aspects of its technological design.  Most notably, it uses a 4.2 volt battery (compare to 3.2 volt with other e-cigs).  This battery delivers a very precise amount of heat to the e-juice with each drag.  As the battery starts to run low after about 200 drags, you will still get the same amount of vapor – not like those cheap e-cigs which are inconsistent once the battery begins to run down.

Note: there are 3 different V2 battery lengths.  The shorty will last for about 160 drags, the standard for about 200, and the long for about 300 drags.

The V2 cartridges aren’t the longest lasting in the industry but we don’t think anyone will complain about the 250 puffs per cartridge (about 1 pack of cigarettes).  Plus, there are plenty of different flavor choices.  You can even order your own customized flavor from V2!

One of the very unique aspects of V2 e-cigarettes is that they offer both manual and automatic batteries.  The automatic batteries are turned on by the pressure from you taking a drag and are easy to use.  The manual batteries have a tiny switch which gets pressed.  This pre-heats the e-juice before you take a drag, thus giving you more vapor.

Costs and Value

V2 e-cigs have 5 different starter kit options, all of which are priced very low for all that they offer.  In the long run, V2 is a great choice to help you save money since their cartridges are so cheap.  The only downside to V2 in terms of money is that they do charge for shipping.  You will want to place your orders in bulk to avoid the about $5-$10 they ask for shipping.

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