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BluCig – Why it is one of the best!

E-cigarettes already represent advanced technology.  But one company has already pushed their e-cig design well into the future with cutting-edge technology: Blu Cig.  With Blu Cig, you get amazing features, such as:

  • A pack which charges your battery on the go!
  • Incredible style
  • Choice in cartridge sizes for serious smokers
  • Lowest prices per cartridge with up to 250 puffs each

First, we have to talk about the Blu Cig cartridge because this accessory (which now comes with all starter kits) is something completely unique and new to the world of e-smoking.  The Blu Cig pack is NOT just a carrying case.  It has a built-in battery which charges your spare e-cig battery without any wires or USB connectors needed.  Just put your battery into the pack and it will start charging. You don’t even have to screw it in place thanks to the contact technology!  The Blu Cig pack will also hold 5 cartridges.

One of the other really cool things about the Blu Cig pack is that it has social features integrated into the design.  When another Blu Cig cartridge or a Blu Cig retail store is within 50 feet, your pack will light up and vibrate.  The newest Blu Cig packs also are integrated with social networking sites like Facebook.

When it comes to style, Blu Cig is also at the top of the market.  Their e-cigs look stunningly classy in either jet black with a blue LED or classic with a red LED.  Because of this style, Blu Cig quickly became the leading e-cigarette amongst partygoers and fashion enthusiasts.

Even with all the focus that Blu Cig put on its cutting-edge new pack and cool design, they still managed to make their actual e-cig one of the best in the industry.  We love the fact that the cartridges have silicon tips so they feel nice on your lips and won’t ever leak.  The Original and Premium Blu Cigs are the same size as a regular cigarette and the Premium100 Blu Cig are a bit longer.  Compared to the competition, Blu Cigs are some of the lightest in the industry.

If you go with the smaller Original or Premium Blu Cig, you will get about 250 puffs per cartridge (about 1 pack).  The batteries for these e-cigs will only last for about 100 puffs though so you will need your spare!  With the larger design of the Premium100 Blu Cigs, you get about 320 puffs per cartridge and the battery lasts longer at about 250-300 puffs between charges.  Another benefit of the Premium100 Blu Cigs is that their batteries recharge in just 45 minutes in the Blu pack compared to 3-4 hours for the other batteries.

Blu Cig start kits are a very good price considering that they all include the Blu pack and everything you need to get started e-smoking right away. In the long run, Blu Cigs are also the best choice economically because their e-cartridges are so cheap (especially when bought in bulk).

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