Restaurant Styles of Service
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Restaurant Styles of Service

Restaurant Styles of Service

Restaurant Styles of Service

The restaurant business is an exciting industry to learn about. It seems like every aspect of the industry is carefully thought out. Also every aspect as ties to various cultures and traditions. I am a foodie or food love by nature and I love to eat at all kinds of restaurants. From burger joints to fine French restaurants, I love dining at them all. During my restaurant hoping, I’ve enticed that there are some very different styles of service.


This style of service as the name implies, originated in America. This style of service is fast and efficient. All food is plated and prepared in the kitchen.



Classical French service is elegant and spectacular. With this style of service, eating is an occasion. Instead of one server, guests have various servers with various levels of expertise. Food is prepared and/or garnished at tableside.



Is a French style of service but is much less formal than the classical French service. With this style of service food is carried out on a cart and plate at tableside. This is great for carving foods and plating at tableside.



This type of service takes some influence from the classical French style of service. With Russian service all food is prepared in the kitchen but is plate beautifully and displayed on silver platters.



Family-style service is very casual. The name says it all it is simply the same way a family would dine. Some would even go as far to say it’s a southern way of dinning. Guest serve themselves and pass the dishes around.



This is more used at a banquet or reception. The server carries the food on a silver tray and allows the guest to chose what they like. This is really great for finger foods.



English service is like a hybrid of Family style service and Modern American Plated service. The host carves the main course and the side dishes are passed amongst the guest. It is kind of like Christmas, east or thanksgiving dinner, when the head of the house carves the meat for everyone else

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